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Yoga on the Farm




Single Session: $25

​Bring your own mat, water bottle & towel


Rain or Shine!

Class will move into Greenhouse if necessary


Weekly Yoga

Tuesdays: 8-9am

Wednesdays: 7pm [Twilight Yoga]

Thursdays: 8-9am



Amy Aydoner 

My name is Amy Aydoner, the personal Yoga Teacher & Fitness Trainer here at the farm. I am so happy to start teaching in the beautiful environment that the farm provides this summer. We have days set aside for you to come and get your exercise in while enjoying the opportunity to ground down at the farm. Come take a class and enjoy the natural surroundings of animals while stretching, breathing, and strengthening your body in one complete hour dedicated to just you!   

I am certified in both Yoga and Pilates. I have been in the physical fitness industry for 8 years. I was a school teacher for 15 years prior to having my third & fourth child and then decided to stay home. During that time home, I became certified in Pilates and then soon realized how wonderful this format works with Yoga. Together I create sequences that will allow your body to build not only physical strength but also internal balance through the power of breathing and pausing. My goal is to make you stronger overall. 


Exercise has always been my outlet whether it was running, weightlifting, cardio classes/groups at the gym, Pilates, Yoga or enjoying a good walk/hike with friends and family. Time and time again, we find ourselves needing a place to find balance and a healthy outlet to release. The power of honoring ourselves with breath to movement, while engaging our core and our minds has been something that has grown over the years into a passion I love sharing with others.  

As a yoga and Pilates teacher, I am always looking for ways to marry my passions together so that I can deliver a well-planned experience for my clients. We workout together and build a community together! Come check out the many & opportunities to participate in this little secret of space right here in the suburbs.   


Upcoming Yoga Classes

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