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Our (Mini) Horse Power

Cotton Candy

Breed: Mixed Breed Pony

Age: 4

About Cotton Candy: Even though I am the tallest pony on the farm, I am the youngest! And I like to be mischievous! I love frolicking in the fields my brother & sister, and walking around to greet all our guests. Sending warm neighs your way! 


Breed: Appaloosa Pony

Age: 15

About Popcorn: My closest friends call me Poppy. I am the oldest and only boy pony on the farm. I enjoy chasing my sisters through the fields, mingling with our guests and taking a nap in the children's garden. 


Breed: Buckskin Mini

Age: 10

About Sparkles: I might be the smallest of us three, but I consider myself the boss of the herd!  I am shy and reserved around humans but I do love seeing all your smiling faces! 

We've missed you.


Goats & Sheep

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Dogs & Cats



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