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Wisconsin Angus Beef


Walsh Cattle

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The Walsh's

This is a Wisconsin family operation! Owned by Lisa & her two sons, Daniel & Clayton; The Walsh family has been raising cattle for nearly 3 decades. 


Their Cattle

This is how it's suppose to be done. The care & love that they provide to their herd is second to none. 


Beef Package Options

Side-of-Beef (Half Beef), Quarter, Eighth & Summer Specials now available!

Stock up your freezer with our bulk beef options and get premium

cuts like Porterhouse, Ribeye and T-Bones!

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How much room will in need in my freezer? For a Side-of-Beef (half beef) you will need a minimum of 8 cubic feet. For a Quarter you will need a minimum of 5 cubic feet. For an Eighth you will need a minimum of 2.5 cubic feet.

When can I pick up my order? We are currently taking orders that will be fulfilled by the end of June. Walsh Cattle will be at the farm June 29th to hand deliver your beef package!

Grass Fed or Corn Fed? Walsh Cattle are corn-finished grass-fed beef.

What are the breeds of the cattle? All are English breeds, Angus-based with Herfer and Red Devon. These are known for marbling, tenderness and flavor.

Cuts of Beef


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