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1/2 Beef Package

1/2 Beef Package


1/2 Beef Package [$6.63/lb Hanging Weight]

  • Est. Amount of Beef: 225-270lbs (NOTE: these are estimates - every animal is a little different)
  • Freeze Space Needed: 10-12.5 cubic feet
  • Hanging Weight: 380-450lbs
  • Steaks are 3/4" thick!
  • *Priced per pound by Hanging Weight


What's Included:

*Quantities per cut on left

(12-14) Ribeye Steak [6-8 packages, 2 per pack]

(6-8) T-Bone Steaks [3-4 packages, 2 per pack]

(4-6) Porterhouse Steaks [2-3 packages, 2 per pack]

(4-6) Sirloin Steaks [4-6 packages, 1 per pack]

(5-7) Sirloin Tips Steaks [2-3 packages, 2 per pack]

(12-15) Cube Steak [6-7 packages, 2 per pack]
(8-12) Chuck Roast [2.5-3lbs per roasts, 1 per pack]
(3-4) Arm Roast [2.5-3lbs per roast, 1 per pack]

(8) Short Ribs [12-16lbs, 3-4 packs]

(8) Stew Meat/Shish Kabob [1 pound per packages, 8 packs]

(7-8) Soup Bones [7-12lbs of bones]

(100-140) Ground Beef [100-140lbs, 1 pound packages]


More About This Beef Package

Hanging Weight, also called “Hot Carcass” weight is the actual weight of the animal shortly after it is slaughtered (minus skin, head, & most internal organs).


Processing and delivery charges are included in the total price/lb. What you receive (the “yield”) should be approximately 60-65% of the Hanging Weight (depending on the cutting instructions you choose and the items you accept or decline.


The actual finished weight you receive will depend on the size of your particular animal, and on your cutting instructions.


Regardless of cutting instructions, there will also always be a “shrink” or water weight loss, as the carcass hangs for 10 days prior to being cut, during which time it loses moisture (but gains flavor and tenderness).

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